Rogers Pass – Young’s Peak


In March 2014, Aaron Diamond and I headed up to British Columbia to make some turns. We left from Montana early and drove for 14 hours to get to Revelstoke, BC. It was a long day and let’s just say that we got “Egan-ed” at the bordered. Finally we made it to Revy though.

The next morning we drove to Rogers Pass. It was frigid cold – easily -20 outside, but still bluebird and windy. It was cold enough for my Panasonic Lumix camera to actually freeze. Therefore all of the following photos were taken by Aaron Diamond.

After researching Rogers Pass, we decided to head to Young’s Peak. If you are heading to Roger’s, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of Rogers Pass North: Uptracks, Bootpacks, and Bushwhacks. It’s a highly detailed digital guide book that is well worth the cost. It covers park regulations, fees, cabins, routes, maps, restricted areas, and more. The only downside is that it only covers the North Side of highway 1 – the highway that splits Glacier National Park into two sections.


We started at the Asulkan Parking lot to begin our day. There were plenty of other backcountry tourers accessing this zone as it seems quite popular – even though the parking is somewhat limited. Up the drainage you. It’s easy cruising for awhile on a flat road, then the trail splits.


A well packed skin track leads you right up to the highly popular Asulkan cabin. Be careful through this section as you will have to navigate a highly hazardous zone called the Mouse Trap. There are several zones where you will be in the gunbarrel through the lower elevations. After the Mouse Trap, head up through the Tree Triangle to the Asulkan Hut.

Above the popular hut, you quickly access glaciated terrain and Young’s Peak is within view.


Hiking above the Asulkan Hut towards Young’s Peak.  It’s colder than you can fathom. Highway 1 meanders through the valley far below. Lots of exciting BC terrain can be seen in distance.


Still walking…


This is one of the most incredible places to ski.


Asulkan Pass. Leda Peak and Mount Jupiter in background.


Looking out toward the Dawson Range and the Comstock Couloir. Comstock might not be too bad to access from the Asulkan hut with a bit warmer weather, but you better be on dialed.


Coiling rope and getting ready to ski from ridgeline.

You can access many lines off of this zone including Forever Young, Seven Steps of Paradise, but due to the cold temps we headed back down the skin track.

Destination: Young’s Peak
Elevation Gain/Loss: +/- 1550 meters
Distance: 22km
Maps: Glacier, Illecillewaet, Mount Wheeler (or just use the Glacier national Park – Rogers Pass Adventure Map – Available for purchase at top of pass)

Thanks for the pictures Aaron!