50 Classic Ski Descents Of North America Book Review


Book Review: 50 Classic Ski Descents Of North America

50 Classic Ski Descents Of North America highlights the “classic” ski lines of the United States and Canada. This 12 x13 inch coffee table book belongs in the home of every ski mountaineer and armchair adventurer.

Fifty Classic Ski Descents Of North America
Fifty Classic Ski Descents Of North America

Chris Davenport, Art Burrows, and Penn Newhard – three skiing and climbing fanatics from the Aspen area – created 50 Classic Ski Descents Of North America with the help of locals from across North America.

50 Classic Ski Descents Of North America features interviews with skiing and climbing legends, drool worthy ski photography, intros to each region, satellite maps, and valuable insights into big ski lines. This book has become somewhat of a tick list for ski mountaineers. It’s definitely not a guide book, but it is a book that will inspire adventure at all levels.

The book literally spans North America – Baffin Island, New Hampshire, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho/Montana, California/Nevada, Pacific Northwest, Canada Coast Mountains, Columbia Mountains/Rockies, and Alaska. I can only imagine the debate that went into selecting the lines that made the list! With both action and mountain shots from top photographers and world class skiers, everyone will enjoy flipping through the pages of this book.

Overall this team did a fantastic job of selecting some of the greatest ski lines, but they certainly blurred the line of what might truly be a classic ski descent in my opinion. I think it’s important to note that this book is not meant to be a ski mountaineering tick list. It’s highly unlikely that anyone has ever or will  ever ski all of these “classic” ski descents. There are some lines that truly are classics, while others have only been skied a handful of times by elite alpinists in perfect conditions. It’s a unique and diverse selection of ski descents. Regardless this book will still blow your mind.

This entertaining coffee table book was published in 2010. Since then I’ve been waiting to see the 50 Classic Ski Descents Of The World. Who’s going to publish that?

Buy this book. Flip through it regularly to be inspired and to dream of skiing big lines. You can read trip reports for a handful of the 50 Classics in our skiing trip report section.


50 Classic Ski Descents of North America from art burrows on Vimeo.

See sample pages from Fifty Classic Ski Descents Of North America at 50ClassicSkiDescents.com.