Hazard Warning

Mountains deserve respect. You and you alone are responsible for your decision making and risk assessment in the mountains.

Backcountry skiing, splitboarding, ski mountaineering, ski touring, rock climbing, alpine climbing, and other mountain sports are hazardous, dangerous, and risky activities.

As a responsible reader of this site, it is your responsibility to educate yourself about the mountains, techniques, avalanches, and other hazards that exist.
The content of this site is designed to inspire and educate, but it does not replace formal training. MountainJourney.com intends to share useful and informational content, but it is not responsible for your decision making in the mountains. Please alway assess risk, use common sense, and make smart decision in the backcountry, regardless of activity.

It’s important to note that conditions change, humans make errors in trip reports, mountains have their own temperaments, weather can change quickly, seasons come and go, and information on this site may be false, inaccurate, or out of date. Do your own due diligence to research your trips, gear, and techniques. There is no substitute for training, practice, and experience. Seek out the education you need to be safe.

By reading, viewing, or using any content on MountainJourney.com, you agree to absolve any owners and/or contributors of any liability for injuries or losses. Everything you learn on this website, you learn at your own risk.

Enjoy the backcountry, but do so responsibly and safely.