Aaron Rice Skins And Skis 2 Million Human-Powered Vertical Feet By October | Sets New Record


Aaron Rice Hits The 2 Million Mark On His Quest To Skin And Ski 2.5 Million Feet In 2016 | Beats Record Set By Greg Hill In 2010

Aaron Rice is on a mission to skin and ski 2.5 million vertical feet during the 2016 calendar year. Starting on January 1, 2016 Rice quickly hit 1 million vertical feet by April 24, 2016. On October 23, 2016 Rice posted on Facebook and Instagram that he had officially hit 2 million vertical feet. Congratulations!

Two million vertical feet officially beats Greg Hill’s 2 million vertical foot record set in 2010. In 297 days Rice has covered 2 million vertical feet, by our math that’s roughly 6,735 feet/day. With just 69 days left in 2016, Rice will need to average 7,246 feet/per day to log the remaining 500,000 feet he needs to reach his goal. Good luck!

Check out AirAndRice.com for more info.


Featured In Image is a stock skin track image.