Avalanche Kills 3 Skiers Near Bonneval-sur-Arc In French Alps


Bonneval-sur-Arc, France – On Tuesday, May 9, 2017 three skiers were killed in an avalanche while ascending the Vallonet Glacier below the col du Greffier (3086 meters) in Vanoise National Park (DW.com). The skiers were  in an off piste area near the Albaron sector near Bonneval-sur-Arc in the Haute-Maurienne province of the Savoie region of France near the Italian border.

France | Pixabay Image
France | Pixabay Image

The late season avalanche occurred around 10 am. The slide happened at roughly 2500 meters. It was 100 to 200 meters wide and carried the skiers over rocks. The victims were not buried and were recovered quickly. A nearby climber alerted authorities.

The skiers had been ascending with boot crampons and skis on their packs through a corridor in the cliffs when the small slide occurred (PisteHors.com). They were identified as a couple in their 30’s and a local mountain guide.

According to IBTimes.co.uk, the guide was identified as “Simon Paris. It is unclear whether he was working or skiing with friends.” LeDauphine.com notes that it was a guide and two friends.

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