Avalanche Kills Farmer In Bonneval-Sur-Arc In Savoie, France


Bonneval Sur Arc, France – On Thursday, January 4, 2018 a farmer/ski instructor was killed in an avalanche near his alpine chalet between the hamlet of L’Ecot and Bonneval-Sur-Arc in Savoie, France.

France | Pixabay Image
France | Pixabay Image

The 52-year-old man left around 04:00 to clear the snow from a metal tunnel used to protect agricultural equipment. When he did not return, people went to investigate. They noticed a large avalanche had crushed the tunnel. That afternoon, they found the body of the man.

LeDauphine.com identified the victim as Jean Blanc – a ski instructor and farmer.

The incident occurred while Storm Eleanor hit Savoie. During that time,the avalanche danger in the region was 5/5.

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UPDATE 1/12:

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