3 Off Piste Skiers Killed In Avalanche In Courmayeur, Italy


Courmayeur, Italy – On Thursday, March 2, 2017, a large group of 18 to 20 backcountry skiers were caught in an avalanche in the Canale Dello Spagnolo (the Spanish Channel) in the area of Plan de la Gabba / The Visaille in Val Veny near the ski resort of Courmayeur in Valle D’Aosta in Italy. Three people were killed in the avalanche and five others were injured.

Italy | Pixabay Image
Italy | Pixabay Image

The avalanche occurred just before 13:00 at an altitude of roughly 2000 meters in the Plan de la Gabba – about 5 kilometers SW of Courmayeur. All of the skiers were wearing avalanche transceivers and many survived because they were using avalanche airbags.

First responders included other skiers in the area. Authorities were notified and rescuers, guides, and search dogs were quick to respond. Unfortunately 3 people died. The victims were from Italy, Germany, and Belgium (BigStory.ap.org).

AINEVA.The avalanche danger was rate 3/5 at the time of the incident.

This is the 48th avalanche fatality in Italy this season.

UPDATED 3/3: AINEVA.it notes that the avalanche involved 18 people. 10 were unharmed, 5 were injured, and 3 were killed. The avalanche occurred in the Canalone Visaille in Val Veny in Courmayeur.

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