Avalanche Engineers – An Avalanche Film Worth Watching


Learn More About Avalanches When You Watch Avalanche Engineers

Avalanches are a backcountry skier’s worst nightmare. We all do our best to avoid avalanches at all costs. But how do those stellar snowflakes ultimately form deadly avalanches? Avalanche engineers, David Walters and Tony Lebaron, are trying to find out.

“The defining moment can be so small that all it takes is someone to just jump on the slope and then BOOM you’ve triggered an avalanche. It’s a really weird feeling when the whole earth starts to move under your feet.”

Learn about Montana State’s Subzero Lab, watch stunning avalanche footage, and discover what really happens when a snowflake becomes an avalanche in Abby Kent’s Avalanche Engineers.

Avalanche Engineers from Abby Kent on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, right? It’s always good to get your snow dork on.

MSU is working on tracking the behaviors of backcountry skiers. Send in your Ski Tracks and help out the Snow and Avalanche lab.


Official Description from Vimeo:
AVALANCHE ENGINEERS is the story of two scientists who delve deep into the mysteries of the snowpack to find out how a snowflake becomes an avalanche. Filmed in Bozeman, Montana, this mini-doc takes you on a journey from the micro intricacies of snowflake structure to the massive mountainsides where this force of nature reigns.

Featuring David Walters and Tony Lebaron. Music by Grant Mason: soundcloud.com/masonic-sounds
For more info about the Montana State University Subzero Lab: coe.montana.edu/ce/subzero/
For more info about the MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University: sfp.montana.edu/sciencenaturefilm/


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