Scary Avalanche Footage From Avalanche Crest On Rogers Pass On 14 February 2016


When Daniel and Stephen Michalchuk went skiing on Avalanche Crest at Rogers Pass in British Columbia on February 14, 2016, things went “sideways real quick.” At the bottom of a ski descent, they were caught in an avalanche. This terrifying event was captured on camera. Scary stuff.

Watch scary avalanche footage from Avalanche Crest on Rogers Pass:

Rogers Pass: Avalanche Crest Avalanche February 14/2016 from Dan Michalchuk on Vimeo.

Thanks to the Michalchuk brothers for sharing this footage.

Official Description from Vimeo:
Shit can go sideways real quick in the backcountry, the following is my brother and I’s experience in an avalanche in Rogers Pass Canada in February of 2016.