Man From Colorado Dies In Avalanche In Nagano, Japan


After Multiple Days Of Searching, SAR Determines Missing Skier Died In Avalanche Near Hakuba Happo-One Ski Resort

Nagano, Japan – On Monday, February 20, 2017, Matt Healy, a Navy Civilian based in Okinawa, Japan went missing while skiing. He was last seen around noon before he went for a solo run at Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort in Nagano, Japan.

Avalanche Debris - Pixabay
Avalanche Debris | Stock Image

When Healy did not return, his wife notified authorities. Rescuers and dogs began to search for Healy. They traced his cell phone signal to a popular backcountry skiing zone.

A GoFundMe Page was set up to cover search and rescue costs. On that page, an update states, “the search and rescue teams have determined that he perished in an avalanche, and due to the extreme conditions, we will be unable to recover him until Japan’s long winter season has passed.” confirms this statement.

Japanese authorities will continue to monitor the area and search for any clues.

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