Avalanche Kills Ice Climber In The Anlauftal Valley In Salzburg, Austria


Salzburg, Austria – On Sunday, December 10, 2017 an avalanche killed a 24-year-old ice climber on Federweiß icefall (180 m, Wi4) in the Eisarena in the Anlauftal Valley in Bad Gastein in Salzburg, Austria.

Austria | Pixabay Image
Austria | Pixabay Image

The avalanche caught two experienced, local ice climbers when the leader was about 10 meters up the climb. The lead climber was carried about 200 meters down the slope and buried one meter deep. The second climber was caught by the rope, was uninjured, and ended up on top of the snow. Other climbers in the area saw the avalanche and responded immediately.

The victim did not have an avalanche transceiver. Responders followed the rope and recovered the victim in 15-20 minutes. Mountain rescue attempted to resuscitate the ice climber. Due to avalanche risk, resuscitation efforts were stopped after an hour. Helicopters were unable to land due to weather, so the victim was carried down to the valley by Mountain Rescue.

Lawine.Salzburg.at rated the avalanche danger on 10 December 2017 as 3/5. Read the full avalanche report and see images at Lawine.Salzburg.at. They estimate the slide as measuring 10-20cm deep, 10-30m wide, and 400m long. The slope was around 35 degrees. For additional photos of this avalanche, visit Bergettrung-Salzburg.at.

Lawis.at reports that the accident on 2017-12-10 09:00 occurred at the Eisarena in the Anlauftal Valley in the Hohe Tauern in Salzburg, Austria. They note a lat/long of 47.0662° N / 13.1279° E. The size 1 avalanche was 15 centimeters deep and occurred on a north aspect at 1600 meters. They note that one person was caught, buried, and killed. Another was uninjured. The avalanche danger was 3/5.

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