Avalanche Kills Snowboarder On Popular Off Piste Route In Engelberg, Switzerland


Engelberg, Switzerland – On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 a 32-year-old snowboarder was caught, buried, and killed in an avalanche on a classic off piste route called the Laub in the Titlis area near Engelberg in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland.

Switzerland | Pixabay Image
Switzerland | Pixabay Image

The victim was riding with three friends at the time of the incident. Only the victim was caught in the avalanche. The friends initiated a rescue. They located the victim, who was buried 1 meter deep,Sa using avalanche transceivers. After digging the victim out they initiated first aid. Unfortunately the snowboarder did not survive.

A REGA helicopter responded to the scene and Alpine Rescue Switzerland searched for more victims in the avalanche debris, but did not find anyone.

SLF.ch reports that the avalanche occurred at 2380 meters on a northwest aspect. One individual was caught, buried, and killed. The avalanche danger was 3 out of 5. This is the 1st avalanche fatality in Switzerland this year.

Lawis.at reports that the avalanche occurred at a Lat/Long of 46.7896 ° N / 8.4188 ° E at 2380 meters. The slab avalanche occurred with the danger rating was 3 out of 5.

Ultimate-Ski.com describes the Laub as “Engelberg’s most famous off piste run.” There is a map and description of the Laub on OffPisteRoutes.com. The route starts at 2450 meters and descents roughly 1200 meters to the valley floor.

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