Italian Skier Dies After Avalanche In Lyngen, Norway


Lyngen, Norway – On Thursday, March 16, 2017 two skiers were involved in an avalanche between Rørnestind and Kavringtinden near the village of Lyngseidet in the municipality of Lyngen in Troms County in Norway. One of the skiers suffered minor injuries. The other skier, a 50-year-old Italian died at the hospital the next day.

Norway | Pixabay Image
Norway | Pixabay Image

The skiers were in a group of 4. Two of them were caught in the avalanche at approximately 16:00. reports that avalanche was 200-300 meters wide and took place on the north side of the valley. The 1st skier was found quickly. The 2nd skier was buried 4 meters deep and it took 2 hours for him to be found and rescued. That skier was transported by helicopter to the hospital in Tromso. Unfortunately, the man did not survive. reports that this avalanche accident happened at Lyngseidet in Lygen in Troms. They note that four were involved and 1 died the next day. The avalanche danger was 3/5.

This is the 1st avalanche fatality in Norway during the 2016/2017 winter season.

UPDATE 3/18: identified the victim as Luca Berreta, 47.

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