New Zealander Killed In Avalanche In Niseko In Hokkaido, Japan (UPDATED)


Hokkaido, Japan – On Saturday, February 25, 2017 Sam Kerr, a 35-year-old snowboard guide from New Zealand, was killed in an avalanche while riding in a no-entry area near Niseko Annupuri near the town of Kutchan in Hokkaido, Japan.

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The victim was riding with four other snowboarders in a no-entry area when two of the five riders were caught in an avalanche. The avalanche measured 200 meters wide by 350 meters long and 3 meters deep (

Authorities were notified about the avalanche and were able to locate the victim. Unfortunately, the New Zealander did not survive. Another person in the group suffered chest injuries in the slide.

We will try to update this post if more information becomes available.

UPDATE 2/25: 

  • identified the avalanche victim as Sam Kerr, 35. Kerr ran a snowboarding business in Niseko. He was originally from Dunedin, but moved to Kutchan, Hokkaido where he lived with his son and wife.
  • notes that Kerr ran “guided adventure tours.”
  • Kerr is listed as Head Guide/Director at Niseko Xtreme Tours.


  • Niseko Xtreme Tours posted the following on their Facebook Page:

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