Avalanche Kills Italian Skier Near Ovronnaz In Valais, Switzerland


Valais, Switzerland – On Sunday, December 11, 2017 a 49-year-old Italian skier was caught, buried, and killed in an avalanche while skiing off-piste in the ‘La Combe des Genevois’ near Ovronnaz in Valais, Switzerland.

Switzerland | Pixabay Image
Switzerland | Pixabay Image

The man was reported missing on Sunday evening. The victim’s car was located in a parking lot in Ovronnaz. On Monday, the police used a device to locate his cell phone, which tracked the signal to a gully called ‘La Combe des Genevois’.

Search efforts were suspended due to bad weather. Rescuers found the victim buried 1.5 meters deep on Tuesday.

SLF.ch reports that this avalanche accident took place at 1700 meters on a northeast aspect in Leytron, Valais, Switzerland. One person was caught, buried, and killed.

Lawis.at reports this avalanche occurred at 14:00 on 11 December 2017 at a lat/long of 46.2060° N / 7.1468° E in Ovronnaz, Switzerland. They ranked it as a size 2 slab avalanche that occurred on a northeast aspect. They note that the avalanche danger was rated 4/5.

For a photo of the avalanche path, visit TDG.ch.

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