Avalanche Kills Climber Near Punta Livi In Italy


Mountaineer Killed In Avalanche Near Punta Livi In The Martello Valley In South Tyrol, Italy

Avalanche on Mount Everest | Pixabay Image
Avalanche | Pixabay Image

Punta Livi, Italy – On April 28, 2016, Karl Gruber, 49, was killed in an avalanche while climbing in the Martello Valley near Punta Livi, a peak in the Ortler group, in the mountains of South Tyrol in the province of Bolzano in northern Italy.

The avalanche occurred approximately 40 meters from the summit of Punta Livi. It measured 200 meters x 500 meters. Gruber was buried under 1.5 meters of snow. He was recovered alive by his companions. Rescuers transported Gruber to the Bolzano hospital, but he unfortunately died of his injuries.

We will try to update this post when more information is available.

Read more about the avalanche fatality near Punta Livi in South Tyrol, Italy:


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