Avalanche Kills Snow Removal Worker In Vorarlberg, Austria


Vorarlberg, Austria – At approximately 14:45 on Thursday, November 16, 2017 a 56-year-old man from Gargellen was killed by an avalanche while performing snow removal work on a mountainous road between Vergalden to Vergalda-Alpe in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Austria | Pixabay Image
Austria | Pixabay Image

This incident occurred near the Kengel area at approximately 2240 meters.  The avalanche measured 15 meters x 10 meters and traveled roughly 700 meters down a steep gully. The slide pushed the snow removal tractor, equiped with front loader and snow chains, off of the road.The vehicle stopped about 30 meters downhill and the man was ejected.

When the man did not turn up at the hut in Vergaldental, an acquaintance skied down the road to find him. About an hour after the avalanche occurred, the victim was located. His friend alerted authorities and attempted first aid, but was unsuccessful.

Lawis.at reports that the avalanche occurred at a Lat/Long of 46.9560 ° N / 9.9381 ° E in Vergaldatal/ Kengel. The slide happened at 2240 meters on a SW aspect with an incline of 35°. They report that the size 2 avalanche measured 10 meters long, 15 meters wide, and 20 centimeters deep. Photos are available at Lawis.at for the 2017-11-16 14:45 incident.

This is the 1st avalanche fatality in Austria this year.

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