Avalanche Kills 2 Off Piste Skiers Near St. Anton, Austria (UPDATED)


St. Anton, Austria – On Friday, March 17, 2017 two skiers were caught, buried, and killed in an avalanche in the Hinterrendl area near St. Anton am Arlberg in Tyrol, Austria.

Austria | Pixabay Image
Austria | Pixabay Image

The victims were part of a 5-person group that was skiing one at a time in an off piste area called Hinterrendl. The last person down the slope triggered the slide. Two individuals were fully buried and one was partially buried.

According to TT.com, the buried individuals were a 45-year-old and a 61-year-old. They were both buried 2.5 meters deep and both were equipped with avalanche airbags, but only one of them pulled their airbag. The partially buried individual was 32-years-old and was recovered by his partners.

Rescuers were notified around 12:30. Rescuers with search dogs responded to the scene by helicopter. The victims were located quickly and recovered in about 25 minutes (TT.com). Find photos of the avalanche on TT.com.

The avalanche danger above 2200 meters was rated 2/5.

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UPDATE 3/18:

  • Lawis.at posted that this avalanche happened at 12:20 in the Hinterrendl area in Tirol, Austria. They note that the lat/long was 47.1171° N / 10.2834° E. This is a 40 degree north aspect at 2030 meters. The size 2 slab avalanche was 50 cm deep. The avalanche danger at the time was 2/5. (Lawis.at 2017-03-17 12:20).
  • Lawinenwarndienst.blogspot.com posted numerous photos of the avalanche. They note that the ski guide escaped the avalanche. Visit their post for detailed information.
  • Kleinezeitung.at reports that the 45 and 61 year old victims were German. They were part of a 5 person group led by a 44-year-old local.

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