Avalanche Kills University Student In The Tateyama Mountain Range Of Japan


Member of University Mountain Climbing Club Killed In Avalanche In Japan

Tateyama Mountain Range, Japan – On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 three members of a six person group from the mountain climbing club at the Tokyo Institute Of Technology were caught in an avalanche near the Murodo area in the Tateyama Mountain Range in the Toyama Prefecture of Japan. One student died and another was hypothermic after the incident.

Avalanche Debris - Pixabay
Avalanche Debris | Pixabay Image

The avalanche occurred in the morning hours as the the club members were conducting an on-snow training. Authorities were notified by a member of the group at 8:25 AM.

Reports stay that the avalanche occurred at approximately 2520 meters. It was about 50 to 60 meters long. The snow depth in the area was approximately 70 cm as of Monday.

JapanToday.com identified the avalanche victim as Shimon Hashimoto, 21, from Yachiyo, Chiba Prefecture.

We will try to update this post when more information is available.

UPDATE 2/25: Read the accident report from Nadare.jp.

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