Avalanche Kills 3 Ski Mountaineers Near Mount Chaberton In Italy


Valley Susa, Italy – On Friday, February 17, 2017 three ski mountaineers were killed in an avalanche while ski touring on Mount Chaberton in the Upper Susa Valley in Italy near the border between France and Italy. The bodies were located the next day on the Italian side.

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On Friday morning the group had parked at Montgenevre in France and set off on a ski tour towards Mount Chaberton. When they did not return, a search was initiated by the French mountain rescue and Italian mountain rescue soon joined the efforts.

Due to strong winds and poor visibility, helicopter search efforts were challenging for rescuers on Friday. The rescuers then toured to the area and found tracks, but were unable to find the skiers. At dawn on Saturday, rescuers found that the group had been caught by a small avalanche that carried them hundreds of meters down a steep, northeast facing gully.

The victims were found at approximately 2650 meters under the Coletto Cresta Nera in the municipality of Cesana in Italian territory. Torino.Repubblica.it reports that all three experienced skiers had the necessary safety equipment and had even pulled their airbags.

The victims were identified as an engaged couple from Turin along with a mountain guide. Multiple reports identified the couple as Margherita Beria of Argentina, 24, Antonio Lovato, 28, and the guide as Adriano Trombetta, 38.

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