Avalanche Kills Skier On Königstuhl In Salzburg, Austria (UPDATED)


Salzburg, Austria – On Saturday, March 11, 2017 a 52-year-old ski tourer from Carinthia was killed in an avalanche on the Königstuhl in the Nockberge Mountains near Thomatal in the Lungau province of Salzburg, Austria.

Konigstuhl, Salzburg Austria | Photo: Jernej Burkeljca
Konigstuhl, Austria | Photo: Jernej Burkeljca

ORF.at reports that the man was on his own. He was last seen by another group near the summit of the Königstuhl at 11:45. No one saw the avalanche and it is unclear when it occurred.

Other ski tourers in the area found the avalanche slide path and did a beacon search. When they received a signal they initiated a rescue and found the man buried one meter deep.  They located and dug up the skier but resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. Another skier alerted authorities just after 14:00. Rescuers responded by helicopter to recover the body.

Lawine.Salzburg.at reports the avalanche danger as 3/5.

We will update this post when more information is available.

UPDATE 3/11: 

  • Lawis.at reports that this avalanche occurred on the Königstuhl in the Nockberge Mountains in Salzburg, Austria at a Lat/Long of 46.9484 ° N / 13.7783 ° E. The slide was on a 40 degree NE slope at 2090 meters. The size 2 slab avalanche ran on old snow. It measured 125 meters long, 40 meters wide, and 40 centimeters deep. The avalanche danger the time was 3/5. They note that more details will follow.

UPDATE 3/13:

  • Touren.Lawinen.at released a detailed report about this avalanche accident. The skier was trying to cross the Rosaninsee at around 2090 meters when he triggered a slide that carried him 70 meters and buried he 1 meter deep. The avalanche was roughly 124 meters long, 35 meters long, and 30 to 70 cm deep. The slope angle was 34 to 40 degrees.
  • Visit Touren.Lawinen.at for full details – including photos and a map.

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