Avalanche Kills Road Worker In Tusheti, Georgia

Georgia Flag | Pixabay Image
Georgia Flag | Pixabay Image

Tusheti, Georgia – On Sunday, May 15, 2017 a road worker was killed in an avalanche while clearing the road from Pshavi to Omalo in the mountains of the Tusheti region in northeast Georgia.

The road from Pshavi to Omalo has been closed for 2 months. Rescuers were able to recover the body of the man. He was identified as a resident of the Talavi district. There were no other victims in the avalanche.

Few details are available about this avalanche accident.

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  • does it mean that the road will stay closed until mid-July? have you any information on this?

    • A Mountain Journey

      Hi Magdalena, We’re not exactly sure. We only have the info we found in the sources listed in the post. Based on that, we think the road was closed for 2 months, not that it will be closed for 2 months. Wish we knew more! Good luck!

      • Thanks. I know it has been closed since last fall (as it usually is) and due to the accident and avalanche on the 15th of May when the worker was killed they did not opened the road as planned this week but it is closed. As I was planning (and still am hoping for) the trip to Tusheti around 10th of June I am very anxious for all information. If you hear anything please let me know! Regards