Avalanche Kills Ski Mountaineer In Vallon du Clou In Savoy, France


Vallon du Clou, France – On Saturday, May 20, 2017 a mountaineer was killed in an avalanche at roughly 2600 meters in the Vallon du Clou in the Alps near Sainte-Foy Tarentaise in Savoy, France.

France | Pixabay Image
France | Pixabay Image

The mountaineer was returning with a friend from an expedition to open a new climbing route near Pointe des Mines near the France-Italy border. At approximately 6pm they were skiing down the slope when the victim was caught in the avalanche. The man was carried 400 meters and was dragged over a 50 meters of rocks and cliffs.

His backcountry partner was unable to get a cell/radio signal and therefore had to ski to the trailhead at Monal to alert authorities about the accident. It took approximately 2 hours for authorities to reach the scene. Unfortunately, the skier did not survive.

PisteHors.com identified the victim as Grégory Mistral. Mistral was a 36-year-old firefighter in Tignes and an aspirant guide (TignesNet.com).

We will try to update this post when more information is available.

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