Cool Backcountry Skiing Blogs Worth Bookmarking


Where do you get your beta on backcountry skiing? Skiing magazines and guidebooks are excellent resources, but some of the best info comes from backcountry skiing blogs and websites.

Backcountry skiing blogs exist so people can share their adventures and you can find what you’re looking for in an instant – cool trip reports, drool-worthy photos, gear fixes, how-to’s, tech tips, gear reviews, in-depth articles, gear recalls, time wasting videos, and so much more. It’s amazing how much info you can access online.

The best backcountry blogs are run by passionate backcountry skiers who want to earn their turns, share their knowledge, and interact with a community of like minded folks. They ski, climb, hike, and spend time in the mountains. They regularly provide quality content and useful beta about backcountry skiing – something everyone craves.

Y Couloir, Black Mountain, Absaroka-Beartooth WIlderness

Whether you’re browsing backcountry skiing blogs to explore route options for your next adventure, wanting local beta on a new zone, looking for jaw dropping photos of hidden couloirs, dreaming of untouched powder, or are seeking a distraction from the real world, go online. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

Here are some dedicated backcountry skiing blogs worth checking out:

  • Mountain Journey – Derek Lennon’s backcountry skiing blog focuses on trip reports, gear reviews, and backcountry articles. Then it dabbles in hiking and climbing in the summer.
  • Alpenglow – While hard to navigate, there are some excellent route images of the Cascades of Washington.
  • Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal – This site has high quality articles. When a new article hits the site, it’s always worth a read.
  • Backcountry Skiing Canada – Backcountry Skiing Canada is an awesome resource for backcountry skiers both in Canada and abroad. There’s route info, safety tips, forums, and impressive written and video gear reviews.
  • Beer Mountaineer – Anthony Orig’s blog has some cool trip reports about skiing and other adventures.
  • Big Lines – Hosting mostly backcountry videos, this site will ultimately waste hours of your time.
  • Booted and Fed – Mike Calla’s blog hasn’t been updated since December 2013, but it has some great trip reports and images.
  • Cascade Crusades – If you’re heading to the PNW, visit Cascade Crusades to read up on lots of different trip reports.
  • Centennial Skiers – Chris Davenport, Ted Mahon, and Christy Mahon are skiing all of the 100 highest peaks in Colorado. That’s an epic task and the trip reports are top notch.
  • Chamonix Topo – When you’re heading to Chamonix, don’t forget to check this site out first.
  • Chris Davenport – Everyone knows and respects Chris Davenport.
  • Climbing Life – Focused on RMNP in CO, this climbing and skiing blog has good beta.
  • Cooke City Chronicle – A drool-worthy collection of ski lines and adventures in and around Cooke City.
  • Earn Your Turns – Craig Dostie does a fantastic job spreading his passion about backcountry skiing with the online audience. Earn Your Turns is updated regularly and has an extensive archive of trip reports, how-to’s, gear reviews, and other cool backcountry skiing information.
  • Elks and Beyond – Jordan White of Aspen, Colorado has done an incredible amount of cool things in the mountains.
  • Garage Blog – Mainly focused on Colorado backcountry skiing, Garage Blog has some fun trip reports.
  • Greg Hill – Greg Hill is a human powered machine. This is his site.
  • Kyle Miller – Kyle Miller is a splitboarder in Washington. His site has good beta on the Cascades and the surrounding area.
  • Making Turns – Blogger and guidebook writer, Fritz Sperry, has an excellent collection of trip reports to share.
  • MT Adventures – Brian Story gets after it in western Montana.
  • MT Split Ski – Defunct since 2013, MTSplitSki hosts an excellent collection of images from the Greater Yellowstone Ecostyem.
  • Noah Howell – Pro skier, Noah Howell, goes on epic adventures all over the world.
  • Off Piste Magazine – Off Piste hosts a good collection of gear reviews, trip reports, conditions updates, and other useful info. With a downloadable magazine, regular posts and many contributors, this site is pretty great.
  • Outdoor Beta – Here’s a collection of trip reports from the GTNP area.
  • Sierra Descents – Andy Lewicky shares his skiing, hiking, and climbing trips in the Sierras of California.
  • Ski Mountaineer – Amar Andalkar’s website provides excellent beta on the Cascades – although the site is a bit dated.
  • Skinning With Bear Spray – David Poole’s adventure blog has lots of great beta on skiing in Glacier National Park and beyond.
  • Snowboard Mountaineer – Colorado based Shaun Nauman has a cool blog with trip reports and tech tips.
  • Splitboard – possesses a modern feel and regularly posts great content from a large collection of contributors. It’s in the same league and has a similar feel to ski focused websites like SnowBrains and EarlyUps. Featuring a mix of news, videos, forums, shopping, and tech tips this is a fantastic resource for skiers and splitboarders.
  • State of the Backcountry – Ski guide Brennan Lagasse is based in California, but seems to ski everywhere.
  • Straight Chuter – Andrew McLean has one of the more impressive ski mountaineering resumes in the world.
  • Stuck In The Rockies – Ted and Christy Mahon’s site always has cool trip reports and posts.
  • Summit Post– isn’t so much a blog, but a collection of beta on peaks, summits, and routes around the world.
  • TetonAT – The late, great Steve Romeo will always be a ski mountaineering icon.
  • Turns All Year – A collection of trip reports’s from the Pacific NorthWest.
  • West Elk Project – Run by the Dujardin brothers and a collection of other contributors, West Elk Project has a good selection of videos, articles, and FWT info.
  • Wild Snow  – Well respected author, blogger, and ski mountaineering legend, Lou Dawson, dominates the backcountry ski blog world. Every backcountry skier has hit up his website to find honest gear reviews, read about awe inspiring trips, or to leave a comment with an active backcountry community. It’s updated daily and you should bookmark this one.
  • 14ers – Looking to ski or climb a 14er? This is the site for you.
  • 14er Skiers – Run by Brittany and Frank Konsella, 14erskiers has one of the best selections of trip reports and photos for Colorado. Very cool site.

Skin Track etiquette

It’s amazing what you’ll stumble upon with a little help from the Google. There are plenty of backcountry skiing blogs on the InterWebs. They are written by local backcountry fanatics, skiing legends, sponsored athletes, backcountry focused magazines, guiding services, brands, and contributor run websites and forums. They are all awesome resources for mountain enthusiasts.

Some backcountry skiing blogs only focus on personal trips. Others are long defunct, but still provide valuable beta. Some are rarely updated. They are all cool resources.

Of course there are the big companies like Backcountry Magazine, BCA, Brooks Range, and others that also feature blogs and backcountry info. Plus, let’s not forget the countless people hashtagging #couloir, #skimountaineering, or #earnyourturns on Instagram.

Bookmark your favorites. Like and follow them on social media. Comment on things that impress you. Click on their links and advertisements. Tell your friends. Link to them. Find the inspiration to get into the backcountry and share your next adventure. Support the bloggers that provide you with the backcountry skiing beta that you use.

What sites did I forget? Tell me in the comments below. Let’s make this a resource of cool backcountry skiing blogs that everyone can utilize and enjoy.

The biggest problem I’ve had writing this post is the fact that I continually stumble upon new blogs. So if you know of any additional sites that should be included in this list, let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

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    Great list!  I’m a big fan of when it comes to finding terrain to hit in the Tahoe region.

    • @locafreshies. It’s always cool to find new skiing blogs. Thanks for sharing the link.