BCA Presents Companion Rescue Series: Backcountry Evacuation


BCA ambassador and American Avalanche Institute (AAI) co-owner Sarah Carpenter tells you how to evacuate your partner out of the backcountry after rescuing them from the avalanche and treating their injuries. Do you have a plan on your to evacuate your partner from the backcountry in the event of an avalanche accident?

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BCA’s Companion Rescue Series covers “all the steps involved in rescuing a companion buried in an avalanche: the basics of avalanche transceiver searching, probing, strategic shoveling, organizing the rescue, providing first aid, and backcountry evacuation.

This video is not a replacement for proper avalanche education. Take an avalanche course and practice with your avalanche gear.

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Official Description From YouTube:
Published on Aug 30, 2016
In the final episode of our Companion Rescue series, BCA ambassador and American Avalanche Institute (AAI) co-owner Sarah Carpenter highlights how to evacuate an injured avalanche victim from the backcountry. Determine if the injury is ‘useable’. (A ‘useable’ injury means whether you can put weight on it and get out of the backcountry under your own power – for example, is the joint useable or not?) If not, be prepared to build a rescue sled and perhaps an emergency snow shelter.

This is not a substitute for an avalanche class. Get educated before heading into the winter backcountry.

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