BCA Presents Companion Rescue Series: Probing 101


An avalanche probe is an essential part of your avalanche safety kit. Learn about different probing techniques in this video from BCA. Then go and practice these tactics outdoors.

Watch BCA’s Probing 101:

BCA’s Companion Rescue Series covers “all the steps involved in rescuing a companion buried in an avalanche: the basics of avalanche transceiver searching, probing, strategic shoveling, organizing the rescue, providing first aid, and backcountry evacuation.

This video is not a replacement for proper avalanche education. Take an avalanche course and practice with your avalanche gear.

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Official Description From YouTube:

Published on Sep 4, 2013
This video takes you through the pinpointing–or probing–stage of an avalanche rescue. BCA’s Andy Wenberg illustrates the probing techniques used for companion rescue (when avalanche transceivers are used), spot probing (when no transceivers are used), and probe lines–usually performed by an organized rescue team. This is not a substitute for an avalanche class. Get educated before heading into the winter backcountry.

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