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The Bellavista route on the north face of Cima Ovest in the Dolomites looks impossible from the bottom. Despite the 60 meter roof, it was first climbed free by Alex Huber in 2001. It is the first 8c alpine multi-pitch climb in the Dolomites and maybe the world. Next to Bellavista is a route called Pan Aroma, an 8c that cuts right as it reaches the roof.

These are the routes that Black Diamond Global Athlete Babsi Zangerl and her boyfriend, Black Diamond Ambassador Jacopo Larcher decided to attempt in the latest BDTV Episode. But the video also highlights the companionship that climbing creates. It’s about the process of climbing and sharing that experience with your climbing partners. Well done BD.

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Official Description From YouTube:
Published on Apr 11, 2016
For Black Diamond Global Athlete Babsi Zangerl, climbing the intimidating Bellavista, one of the hardest alpine multi-pitches in the world at 8c, wasn’t about conquering the route’s huge roof. As Babsi quested upwards, trusting rusty pitons and terrible rock, she and her partner, Ambassador Jacopo Larcher, depended totally upon each other. “The most important thing is not standing on the summit…probably the most important thing for me is to share these experiences with somebody.