Chroniclr Presents Between Snow And Stars

Between Snow and Stars follows true explorers who venture to remote and unexplored regions of the globe. Their adventures take them to far flung places from the Arctic to Everest and everywhere in between.

Watch Between Snow And Stars:

BETWEEN SNOW AND STARS from Chroniclr. on Vimeo.

Official Description From Vimeo:
Between Snow and Stars follows passionate explorers in the Arctic and on Everest.
This film was started as an opportunity to share stories and impart curiosity for unclimbed mountains and unseen places.
I dedicate this collection to the dreamers and the wanderers.
Vimeo, Rhino Camera Gear
Tim Mosedale, Arnaud Marchais, Jon Gupta, Alex Moiroud, Adam Booth, Yoan Yoshi, Quentin Jourde
Kendal Film Festival
Lookout Wild Film Festival
Mountain Film Festival
Hip Trip Film Festival
Directed by Chroniclr, Charles H. Joslain
Original Music by Scott Stevens
Trailer Editing by Jennifer Borcea
Colour Grading by Theo Ribeiro
Sound Design by Zbigniew Malecki
Sound Supervisor by Rafael Kapelinski
Score Mixing by Les Brockman
Score Recorded by Ben Mason
VFX by Aleksandrs Valters
Creative Designs by Sean Strong
Filmed by Chroniclr, Charles H. Joslain, Adam Booth, Jon Gupta
Timelapse Photography by Elia Saikaly, Phil Hart
Additional Stills Photography by Stuart Holmes