Bozeman Rock Climbs 3rd Edition by Bill Dockins & Tom Kalakay


Bozeman Rock Climbs 3rd Edition by Bill Dockins & Tom Kalakay is an excellent resource for climbers of all abilities who want to explore the climbing options of the greater Bozeman area. The authors are veteran rock climbers of SW Montana and have compiled a detailed guidebook with hundreds of climbing routes rating from 5.4 to 5.13.

Bozeman Rock Climbs
Bozeman Rock Climbs

I have this book and so do all of my climbing friends. My copy is well used, dog-eared, covered in coffee, and is almost always riding in my backpack. If you carry the book with you as you hunt down your next climb, it weights about 20 ounces. It’s common to see people wandering along the climber trails with their nose in Bozeman Rock Climbs guidebook researching their next climb (myself included).

Bozeman Rock Climbs
Scouring The Book

This is the 3rd edition of the book and was printed in 2009. The early editions were written in 1987 and 1995. There is good coverage of climbing history, geology, local area information, route selections, sandbagging discussions, and more.

Bozeman Rock Climbs covers sport, trad, and alpine climbing routes in Hyalite Canyon, Gallatin Canyon Gneiss, Gallatin Canyon Limestone, Bear Canyon, Chesnut Mountain, Big Sky Area, Madison River, and the Bridger Range. Each area is detailed with black and white photographs, hand drawn maps, first ascent details, and brief descriptions. The classics routes are even rated with a 3-star rating scale.

With over 600 climbing routes in 304 pages this easy to read guide book is a fantastic guide for any climber in this region. There are 11 chapters highlighting all sorts of info and routes. It will take years to check off every climb in this book…

Chapter 1 – General Information
Chapter 2 – Geology of The Bozeman Area
Chapter 3 – A Brief History of Bozeman Area Rock Climbing
Chapter 4 – Hyalite Canyon
Chapter 5 – Gallatin Canyon Limestone
Chapter 6 – Gallatin Canyon Gneiss
Chapter 7 – Big Sky Area
Chapter 8 – Madison River Area
Chapter 9 – Bridger Range
Chapter 10 – Rocky Canyon (Bozeman Pass)
Chapter 11 – Bear Canyon

It’s competition is Rock Climbs of Southwest Montana by Kyle Vassilopoulos and Joe Josephson. Outside Bozeman compares the two books here. You can also find a good overview of all Montana climbing books on

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