Watch Cascadia: Part 3 of 3


Welcome back for the 3rd part of the Cascadia trilogy. This time the Cascade crew attempts to ski more Oregon Cascades Volcanoes before heading south to tackle California’s Mount Shasta. Who else is ready for volcano season?

Watch Cascadia: Part 3

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Official Description from YouTube:
Published on Jan 30, 2017
Gaining momentum after their successful summit of the Middle Sister, the Cascadia crew pushes on. With a fresh dose of motivation they tackle two more volcanic peaks within three days, each new mission fuelled by the success of the last. Finally, however, they must return south, their eyes and hearts drawn to the gleaming white behemoth that stands proud over Northern California. Mt Shasta, the largest and most aesthetic objective of the trip, will be the final challenge and the greatest success, best celebrated with those final cold beers round the fire and the laughter of good friends ready to disperse once more across the globe.