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Like always the ski season at Ski Arpa was short, sweet, and deep for owner, ski guide, and head janitor, Anton Sponar. Another season of operating the world’s greatest snowcat operation in the Andes of Chile was in the books. As the other ski guides caught their flights to head back to their lives in the US of A, Anton sat down in a rock hut at 2,960 meters and contemplated his next adventure.

The Mountains

Anton Sponar is the offspring of the legend himself, Toni Sponar. For the last 30+ years, Toni has thrown his heart and soul in to Ski Arpa – a small, but mighty guided snowcat skiing operation in the Chilean Andes. The operation has had its ups and downs over the years, but continues to be one of the greatest adventure ski experiences you can imagine.

The Hut

The future of Ski Arpa is bright, but one of the keys to success for Arpa is for Anton to obtain Chilean residency so that he can fully take over the operation down the line. To do this, Anton must complete all of the appropriate paperwork, deal with Chilean bureaucracy, and stay in the country of Chile for six months.

The City

As a life-long Aspen local, six months in Chile is a bit of a change of pace for Anton. He’s left his killer job at the Red Onion, is thousands of miles away from his four legged buddy, Cima, and don’t forget he’s only recently engaged to his beautifully fiancee, Lauren who has been left to fend for herself in Aspen.

If anyone can persevere, it’s Anton. And this time he has to because Chilean residency is his destiny. Instead of sitting in a rock hut sipping on Pisco and reading books, Anton is getting on a bike and riding the length of Chile from north to south. It’s one wild ride, but Anton is no stranger to adventure. Maybe you recognize #skithebig3? Kind of a big deal.

The Trip

But this time, Anton is off on an adventure of a different sort. He’s riding his bicycle from Arica on the Chilean/Peruvian border to Villa O’Higgens in rural Patagonia. It’s a 4,000 km mission that will take approximately 3 months. He’s never pedaled that far. Ever.

The Ride

The trip will take him along the coast, across the Atacama Desert, past countless remote towns, through Chilean wine country, past Ski Arpa, under the foothills of the Andes, through the smog of Santiago, and into the wilderness of Patagonia. It’s the adventure of a lifetime and a great way to kill some time. Armed with a camera and a bicycle, Anton is sharing life on the Chilean road via social media and through his blog, No Particular Way.

The Adventure
The Campsite

Sponar is most at home in the mountains. Now he’s out of his element, in a foreign country, on a bicycle, and pedaling really, really hard. I’ve known Anton for nearly 15 years. This is his story and it’s for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to follow along and like his photos on Instagram. Suerte amigo!

The Road


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