Colorado Climber Dies While Climbing In Wyoming’s Wind River Range


Wind River Range, Wyoming – On Monday, August 28, 2017 54-year-old Michael Sullivan of Durango, Colorado died after a fall of at least 400 feet while climbing near Steeple Peak in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

Wind River Range, Wyoming | Pixabay Image
Wind River Range, Wyoming | Pixabay Image

Sullivan and his climbing partner had summited Steeple Peak and were rappelling when the accident occurred. According to, “Between the first and second rappelling stations, Sullivan was not roped in and lost his footing. He fell an estimated 400 to 800 feet, the sheriff’s office said.

Sullivan’s climbing partner hiked out and alerted authorities via satellite phone that another group in the area had with them. The body was located on Tuesday, but authorities were unable to land the helicopter and recover the body until Wednesday due to strong winds in the area.

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