5 Climbers Killed In Tragic Fall While Roped Together in Zillertal Alps In Austria


Zillertal Alps, Austria – On Sunday, August 27, 2017 a group of six German climbers suffered a tragic fall while roped together. They were climbing about 1.5 km south of the Zittauer Hutte near Mannlkarscharte Pass on Mount Gabler in Wildgerlostal east of Innsbruck in the Zillertal Alps of Austria.

Austria | Pixabay Image
Austria | Pixabay Image

At approximately 10 AM, one member of the group slipped and fell on the glacier pulling the entire group roughly 200 meters over the ice and rock covered slope. Unfortunately, five of the climbers did not survive. The 6th climber was seriously injured in the accident.

Kleinezeitung.at notes that another group of mountaineers saw the accident happened. It is thought that the climbers were about to turn around before the accident occurred. Rescuers responded to the scene via helicopter. They flew the victims out and took the injured individual to the hospital in Salzburg.

The BBC.com notes that this “accident is believed to be the deadliest so far this season in the Austrian Alps.

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