Pair Of Cops Climb Washington’s 5 Highest Volcanoes In Just 5 Days!


Cascades, Washington – According to, Nick Burson, 31, and Marc McPhereson, 43, climbed Washington’s 5 highest volcanoes in just 5 days. What a cool mountain project! Job well done!

Mount Rainier | Pixabay Image
Mount Rainier | Pixabay Image

Burson and McPhereson summited Adams (12,277′), St. Helens (8,363′), Rainier (14,411′), Baker (10,781′), and Glacier Peak (10,541′). The project started on July 24 and was finished in 5 days, 15 hours, and 44 minutes. They climbed 5 volcanoes, got 26 hours of sleep, covered 90 miles of terrain, drove 1000 miles, and gained 40,000′ of elevation.

The climbing duo completed the feat unsupported and were not going for any speed records. They were just getting after it!

Read more these two Ellensburg, WA cops, get the details on the logistics and timeline, and check out some photos from their mountain journey on Thanks to for sharing this story online.

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