Cornice Collapse Kills Snowmobiler Near Mount Callaghan In SW British Columbia (UPDATED)


Mount Callaghan, British Columbia – On Saturday, February 10, 2018 a 52-year-old snowmobiler was killed when a cornice collapsed near Mount Callaghan near Callaghan Lake Provincial Park at the head of the Soo Valley northwest of Whistler in southwest British Columbia in Canada.

British Columbia Flag | Pixabay Image
British Columbia Flag | Pixabay Image

The rider was dragged 75 meters down the slope and was partially buried. The man’s backcountry partners dug him out and initiated first aid and CPR until rescues arrived. Unfortunately, the 52-year-old snowmobiler from Nanaimo, British Columbia was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to’s preliminary reportOur understanding is that the individual was parked on or near the cornice when it failed beneath them. This failure resulted in a long fall from ridgetop and the partial burial of the individual in the debris.

We will try to update this post when more information is available.

UPDATE 2/14:

  • reports this was a size 1.5 avalanche that occurred on a north aspect in the alpine. Their report states, “A group of seven snowmobilers were parked 25-35ft back from the edge of a corniced ridge on one of the Callaghan sub-peaks at the head of the Soo valley northwest of Whistler. Most of the riders left the re-group spot leaving two remaining. As the remaining two riders started to depart, a large chunk of the cornice broke off and took one of the riders and his machine down the slope. The victim fell approximately 75 m and was partially buried with his head in the snow.

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