Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana by Robert Stone Book Review


Book Review: Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana – Including The Gallatin Canyon and Paradise Valley – 4th Edition – by Robert Stone

Want to hit the trails around Bozeman, Montana? Pick up a copy of Robert Stone’s Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana. This award winning hiking guide book is an excellent resource to add to your bookshelf if you enjoy the great outdoors. Thumb through the pages and you’ll be bound to find a cool hiking adventure.

Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana Stone
Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana

I imagine that nearly everyone in Bozeman has a copy of Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana on their bookshelf. Bozeman is a town surrounded by mountains and the community thrives in their backyard playground. Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana covers 110 hikes in the Bridger Mountains, Bangtail Mountains, Bozeman Area, Hyalite Canyon, Madison Range, Gallatin Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Spanish Peaks, Absaroka Range, and west Boulder Valley. There are years of adventures sandwiched in the 320 pages of this book.

If you’re not familiar with this overall area, this is a lot of terrain to cover. Stone does an excellent job hitting almost all of the major hikes in the area (Sacagawea Peak, Beehive Basin, Pine Creek Lake, Hyalite Canyon, Hidden Lakes), but there are always more places to be discovered. That being said, Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana is the perfect place to find inspiration for a hike. It’s well written, easy to use, and straightforward.

Each mountain area has a large, yet detailed, map that highlights the location of prominent peaks, creeks, and roads. Then each hike is numbered to make it easy to locate on the map and in the book. For every hike, Stone provides lots of details – Name, Hiking Distance, Hiking Time, Elevation Gain, Maps, Summary, Driving Directions, and Hiking Directions. He includes every detail you need to enjoy your day. After reading the description, you know what to expect.

Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana has certainly been an inspiration for many of my own trip reports. I particularly like the maps the Stone uses throughout the book. I think they are well drawn and easy to understand. I wish there were pictures as I always feel this helps to bring hikes to life, but there aren’t. Luckily, Stone’s descriptions are detailed and thorough – it’s clear that Robert Stone has hiked every trail in this book.

Whether you want to hike to a peak, visit a waterfall, find an alpine like, do a loop, explore a petrified forest, or photograph a stunning panorama, Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana has you covered for hikes of all abilities. As far as day hikes go, this is the best resource I have found for this area. If you’re more interested in bagging peaks and mountaineering, you need a copy of Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone by Turiano.

Surprisingly, there aren’t too many other hiking guide books for this area. The only other one that comes to mind is Falcon Guides: Hiking Montana: Bozeman: A Guide To 30 Great Hikes Close to Town. Stone’s book goes well beyond that and I find it’s a better option if you’re debating the two. If you’re interested in hiking in Montana, Stone has also written guidebooks for the Beartooth Mountains (123 hikes), Yellowstone National Park (82 hikes), and Missoula (83 hikes).

Robert Stone is an award winning trail guide writer. He hikes every trail he writes about. He spends his summers in Montana and winters in California. According to Wikipedia, Stone has “written, revised, and published 31 guides for trails in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, California, and Hawaii.” Find these other guidebooks on Amazon.

If Stone has written a trail book where I’m headed, I’m going to buy it. Two thumbs up.

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Day Hikes Around Bozeman, Montana by Robert Stone 4th Edition
Date Published: March 1, 2011
Edition: 4th
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-1-57342-063-1
Publisher: Day Hike Books, Inc.

  • Barbara

    Stone’s book was my bible for years, but I actually prefer Mark Johnston’s “100 Great Day Hikes Around Bozeman and the Greater Yellowstone”.  I has photos, better topo maps, and provides directions by milepost, which is clearer to follow than Stone’s prose.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Barbara. I’m always looking for good guidebook recommendations. I can’t wait to check that one out.