Dynastar Cham High Mountain 107 Ski Review


Gear Review: Dynastar Cham High Mountain 107 Skis

MSRP Price: $750.00
Summary:  Dependable backcountry skis with a unique design that can handle any conditions.
Weight: 2100 grams per ski
Tip/Waist/Tail: – 137/107/122
Lengths: 166, 175, 184, 190
Turn Radius:22m


The Dynastar Cham High Mountain 107 is a hard charging ski designed for human powered backcountry skiing. The Cham HM is part of Dynastar’s freeride/adventure ski series. It is built for ascending, but crushes it on the descent too.

Silver Couloir
Top of Buffalo Mountain and Silver Couloir

The Cham High Mountain (or HM) series has a sandwich construction of a paulownia super wood core (wood is good) with lightweight fiberglass laminate top sheet. It’s unique Progressive 5-Point Sidecut, called Levitation Profile, uses a tapering sidecut in the tip and tail that boosts maneuverability. This combined with traditional sidecut throughout the rest of the ski, conventional camber underfoot through the flat pintail, full length vertical sidewalls, and extra long rocketed tip make for a burly, yet nimble ski.

Cham HM 107 Ski Profile
Cham HM 107 Ski Profile

The Cham can hold an edge, arc a turn, or smear a floaty pow turn. It inspires confidence in any snow conditions, but excels in powder and soft snow – something I try to ski a lot of. It can be an everyday all mountain ski, but does lose stability on firmer snow as the large tip rocker will begin to chatter at high speeds. On the flip side, the rocker tip is ideal for breaking trail in the skin track, it floats like champion, and skims over and through breakable crust.

Cham HM 107
Cham HM 107

One cool feature of the Dynastar Cham HM is the unique Pintail design. The Pintail is a flat tail with skin attachment grooves. There are also holes in the tips and tails for skin attachments and offers the ability to make an emergency rescue sled. A flat tail means the ski can easily be plunged into the snow, unlike a traditional rocketed ski. It makes building anchors, doing kick turns, and transitions easier. The pintails unique, tapered shape also means the tail will hold an edge, but it effortlessly releases when you’re trying to make a turn. It’s quite stiff so it helps you float in bottomless powder and it won’t let you wheelie out when it gets deep.

Cham HM 107 Tail
Cham HM 107 Pintail

I have skied the Dynastar Cham HM 107’s in all sorts of backcountry and resort conditions. From Super C Couloir to Silver Couloir to Beehive Meadow low angle pow laps, the Dynastar Cham HM 107 is a fun ski. They have proved to be durable in every way. The only core shots I have suffered have been driver error. The only other issue I have had is that the plastic piece in the tail hole popped out.

My 184 Cham HM 107s are paired with the Dynafit Radical ST bindings for a lightweight package. My skis weigh in at 5 lbs, 9 oz per ski or 11 lbs, 8 oz for the set up. They weigh in at 4.6 pounds without bindings. It’s not the lightest ski on the market, but it does the trick most of the time. Compared to the regular Cham skis, Dynastar lost the metal sheeting in the ski and the HMs are approximately 25% lighter.

Cham HM 107
Cham HM 107

If you are looking for a solid, all around backcountry ski that is nimble and light the Dynastar Cham HM 107 is a good choice. It can be used in bounds, but that’s not what it’s designed for. It’s unique shape is a good thing that allows for quicker maneuverability, increased versatility, and durability.

Stony Mountain Couloir
Stony Mountain Couloir

I picked up my first pair of Dynastar Cham HM 107s in December 2012. I will comment that Dynastar has an excellent 1-year guarantee on the skis. I had an issue with binding failure that also ruined my skis. The problem originated with the shop that mounted the skis. At the same time the ski began to delaminate. I sent the ski back to Dynastar and had a brand new, identical ski at my door within a week. No questions asked.

Skinned Ready
Ready To Go

The Dynastar Cham HM 107 in a 184 length is my go to ski for most backcountry missions. If it’s truly bottomless, something wider underfoot is ideal. If it’s a ski mountaineering mission, I opt for something lighter and narrower underfoot. If I’m going in bounds or sidecountry, I like a different setup entirely. My Dynastar Cham HM 107s embrace the freeride spirit and have been charging hard for multiple seasons. I enjoy every turn on them and the ski continually performs the way it should in all backcountry conditions. Highly recommended.

2013/2014 Dynastar Cham HM 107 Specs

  • Tip/Waist/Tail – 137/107/122
  • Lengths – 166, 175, 184, 190
  • Turn Radius – 22m
  • Weight – 2100 g/ski

The new 2014/2015 Cham HM 107 appear to have a different top sheet, but little else has changed.

Here are some additional images of the Dynastar Cham HM 107s: