Face First – A Downhill Climbing Documentary


CBC Presents Face First: A Downhill Climbing Documentary

It’s one of the fastest growing sports in the West. Downhill climbing is the one sport that requires you to have “a few screws loose.” As they say, when you’re climbing downhill, you’re actually getting closer to heaven.

Watch as Scott Stanyon and Tyson Williams bring you into their world of downhill climbing when they take on the The Admiral – one of downhill climbing’s toughest climbs. Enjoy!

Thanks to Backcountry Skiing Canada for posting this on Facebook.

Official Description From YouTube:
Published on Sep 23, 2015
On the West Coast, there’s no faster growing sport than ‘downhill climbing’ – a sport that has enthusiasts climbing face-first down mountains. This summer, This Is That Films spent time documenting two of the sports founders as they descended ‘The Admiral’ – a popular downhill climbing cliff in B.C.

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