Ski Mountaineers Make First Descent On Malte Brun In New Zealand

New Zealand | Pixabay Image
New Zealand | Pixabay Image

Malte Brun, New Zealand – On October 30, 2017, Tom Grant, Ben Briggs, and Enrico Mosetti skied another impressive first descent down the Zig Zag on 3,199 meter Malte Brun in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

The European trio made a technical, 600 meter ski descent down the south side of Malte Brun, which is the 8th highest peak in New Zealand. notes the route is graded 5.4, E4 and that Mosetti described the line as “probably the most technical ski descent in New Zealand.” They skied it with only one 20-meter rappel.

On 27 October 2017, Grant, Briggs, and Mosetti made the first ski descent of the Caroline Face on Mount Cook/Aoraki. These guys are crushing it!

Here’s a photo of the ski route from Tom Grant’s Instagram:

A shot of the rappel on the Malte Brun descent form Tom Grant’s Instagram:

Here’s another angle on the Zig Zag Route on Malte Brun from the CMC- Wyn Irwin Lodge, Mt Cook Facebook Page:

Read more about the first ski descent of Malte Brun in New Zealand from the following sources:


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