G3 Backstories – Tantalized. Finally. – Episode 1


Watch The 1st Episode of G3 Backstories – Tantalized. Finally.

G3 Genuine Guide Gear released the first episode of #G3Backstories – Tantalized. Finally. Watch this episode as G3 skier and Whistler ski patroller, James McSkimming heads into the Tantalus Range of British Columbia with conditions at an all time high.

Tantalized. Finally. #G3Backstories EP.1 from G3 Genuine Guide Gear on Vimeo.

Get the full scoop on Whistler skier, James McSkimming and this episode on #G3Backstories Ep. 1.

We’re already excited for the next episode of #G3Backstories! Who’s ready for winter?! Anyone planning a Tantalus trip? Book the Jim Haberl Hut in the Tantalus Range through The Alpine Club of Canada.


Official Description From Vimeo:

Every backcountry track has a story. As does every rider, and every piece of G3 gear we’ve designed, tested, and shared over the past 20 years in the backcountry.
Our engineers, designers and athletes have committed a lifetime of effort, perseverance, and creativity into chasing that moment of hard earned bliss. Every experience, place and person we’ve interacted with along the way has helped inform and inspire our product evolution. Never complacent and always curious, G3 is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; so that you can too.
Watch for more #G3Backstories this fall.
Skier: James McSkimming
Video (Primary): Grant Baldwin
Video (Supporting): Jamie Bond, James McSkimming
Edit: Jamie Bond – Doglotion Media Inc.


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