G3 BoneSaw Review


Gear Review: Genuine Guide Gear G3 BoneSaw

Price: $59.95
Blade Length: 35 cm
Overall Length: 47 cm
Weight: 170 grams
Summary: G3 designed a near perfect snow science tool that effortlessly slices through snow, ice, and branches. The G3 Bonesaw is an essential piece of gear for safety-conscious, snow-focused backcountry skiers and riders.


Snow saws are an essential tool for anyone going into the backcountry. They are designed to assist you in digging snow pits to assess snow conditions.  There are several different snow saws on the market, but the G3 BoneSaw stands out as a saw worth buying.

G3 Bonesaw Review
Strap, Sheath, Saw

The G3 Bonesaw is a simple and versatile snow saw. G3, or Genuine Guide Gear, designed the Bonesaw based on feedback from guides, avalanche professionals, and backcountry skiers. The result was a streamlined, durable, and tough snow saw that packs a punch.

G3 Bonesaw Review
G3 BoneSaw

Snow saws are rather simple tools, yet G3 managed to pack several useful features into this one essential piece of gear. Designed out of a continuous piece of stainless steel, the Bonesaw is very low profile and packs completely flat. When it’s in its sheath, the Bonesaw easily slips into to any backpack’s shovel pocket and takes up little space. Plus, it weighs practically nothing – only 170 grams.

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The blade of Bonesaw has off-set teeth (kerf) that allows the saw to not only slice through snow, but has the ability to saw through trees, branches, and ice with minimal effort. The handle of the Bonesaw is rubber coated and ergonomically friendly – not only is it comfortable to grip, but the rubber acts as an insulator from the cold.  Plus, it doubles as a bottle opener!

G3 Bonesaw Review
Rubberized Handle (With Bottle Opener!)

The Bonesaw can be used as a hand held saw or you can add an extension. The rubberized handle has multiple attachment points to extend the saw. You can use a shovel handle, ski pole, aluminum bar, branch, or even a probe. Extending the saw is a must when cutting out the back of an extended column test or rutschblock test.

The Bonesaw comes with two G3 utility straps (like Voile straps) for simple extensions with a ski pole. This works great, but ski pole-saws can be a bit bulky and you need to make sure the straps are extra tight. I prefer to carry a flat aluminum bar that attaches through the hole via wingnuts. This lower profile extension is sturdier and works perfectly.

G3 Bonesaw Review
Pole Handle Extension Using Straps
G3 Bonesaw Review
Aluminum Bar Attachment
G3 Bonesaw Review
Wing Nut Connection

The other feature that rocks is the laser etched ruler and grid on the Bonesaw. The saw is marked with 5 cm increments that make it easy to measure out snow tests. It also features a snow crystal grid in case you forgot your crystal card – just be sure to point the saw teeth away from your face when examining snow crystals.

G3 Bonesaw Review
Laser Etched Crystal Grid

The Bonesaw is the perfect length too. It’s 35 cm of blade and 47 cm of overall length. This is ideal for isolating columns and fitting in your pack. G3 did their homework on what the backcountry market wants in a snow saw and they nailed it with the Bonesaw.

The G3 Bonesaw is simple and it gets the job done. I have no complaints about the Bonesaw. It’s been on countless adventures, sliced through thousands of layers of snow, chopped down a few tree branches, and cut blocks for snow shelters. It’s a versatile tool and my pack feels lonely without it.

The only negative thing that I have heard about the Bonesaw is that it is designed for right handed people. Luckily, I am right handed and I don’t think I ever would have noticed this on my own. If you’re a lefty, check out Brooks-Range’s Scientist 35 snow saw. They make a left and right hand version.

G3 Bonesaw Review
In Sheath

If you’re in the market for a snow saw, the Bonesaw is an excellent choice. Grab one and add it to your backcountry arsenal. You’ll use it, abuse it, and love the way it slices through the snow. With the Bonesaw, snow science has never been so easy. After years of abuse, my dangerously sharp Bonesaw is still going strong too. I’ve yet to try the Bonesaw on bone, but I hope that it lives up to its name. _______________________________

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