Inside Edition Presents Grizzly Bear Following Hiker In Alaska


Inside Edition recently posted this footage on YouTube. When 74-year-old Geoffrey Glassner went on a hike in Alaska’s Katmai National Park when this mama bear and cubs started following him down the trail. Would you have stayed as calm as this guy? Yikes!

Watch Grizzly Bear and Cubs Following Man In Katmai National Park

Official Description from YouTube:
Published on Aug 1, 2017
A mother grizzly bear and her two cubs followed a hiker, and he kept his cell phone camera rolling during the entire encounter. Most people would be paralyzed by fear but not 74-year-old Geoffrey Glassner, who was visiting National Park in Alaska recently when the bears followed him. Glassner remained calm the whole time. He hoped the grizzly family would turn off the trail, but they just kept coming. The cubs wouldn’t stop, and of course protective mother followed close behind.