GuidePace App Review


App Review: GuidePace

Whether you’re going skiing, mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, or climbing you should always estimate how long it will take to reach your destination and to return safely. When you’re doing your tour planning, how do you estimate travel time in the mountains? Why not save some time and use the GuidePace app?

GuidePace App
GuidePace App

Based on experience, fitness, terrain, elevation gain/loss, mode of travel, rate, and distance, it’s easy to roughly guess how long it will take to complete your objective. Now with the GuidePace app, it’s even easier to make accurate time estimates. After you complete the basic tour planning steps, plug your numbers (rate, distance, elevation, and/or pitches) into the GuidePace app and you’re ready to go.

GuidePace App
Home Screen

GuidePace provides mountain enthusiasts with three time planning calculators to estimate travel time in the mountains. The calculators are set up for different types of terrain. Read more about each calculator below:

Munter System – Class 1 and 2 Terrain – Hiking and Skiing

This is the most useful calculator for backcountry skiing. Many backcountry skiers are familiar with Werner Munter, the Swiss guide, who invented the Munter System to estimate travel time over low angle terrain. It uses the formula: Time = (Distance + Elevation/100) / Rate

GuidePace App
Munter Rate

GuidePace App
GuidePace App
Time Estimate

Chauvin System – Class 3 and 4 Terrain – Scrambling and Snow Climbing

Developed by Marc Chauvin, an AMGA guide, this system converts distance and elevation into 60-meter pitches (hope your familiar with rope lengths). Estimate a rate of 10 to 30 minutes per 60 meters. The equation works out to: Time = (Distance + Elevation) x Rate

GuidePace App
Chauvin Rate

Technical System – Class 5 Terrain – Rock, Ice, and Mixed Climbing

Technical climbers think about climbing in pitches of one rope length. Most pitches take 30 minutes to an hour. The formula used here is: Time = Pitches x Rate

GuidePace App
Technical Rate



Don’t worry you don’t have to remember any of the formulas and the rates are included in the app for quick calculations. You just plug in the numbers and get a time estimate. It’s an incredibly easy app to use. Add this to the Topo Maps App and your smartphone is ready for anything tour plan related.

Designed by Chris Burk in 2014, GuidePace eliminates the time consuming math used in tour planning. It takes a bit of tweaking to adjust the rates to match your fitness and experience levels, but overall this app works great. It’s well worth the $3.99 investment as it will save you tons of time. It’s a fantastic addition to the tour planning process and I use it regularly – especially when heading into new zones. This is a must have app for mountain guides or anyone who plans their backcountry adventures in detail.

Head over to to learn more about the GuidePace App. If you’re ready to purchase the GuidePace app, visit iTunes to download the GuidePace app today.


Official Description From iTunes:
GuidePace was developed to help mountain guides be more efficient and accurate in their time planning. Time planning is an essential skill in the mountains, whether you’re alpine climbing, ski mountaineering, backpacking or hunting. When headed into familiar territory, it’s easy; but when you’re headed somewhere new, this app will help you base your time plan in reality.

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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Released January 21, 2014
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