Ice With Everything by H.W. Tilman Book Review


Book Review: Ice With Everything by H.W. Tilman

If you love the mountains and sailing, you need to add H.W. Tilman to your reading list. He’s one of the greatest explorers of his era and thanks to Vertebrate Publishing his adventures live on for mountain and sailing enthusiasts to enjoy.

Tilman’s 14th book, Ice With Everything, documents three voyages in 1971, 1972, and 1973 in and around Greenland – “The first comparatively humdrum, the second totally disastrous, and the third exceedingly troublesome.

Ice With Everything by Tilman
Ice With Everything by Tilman

Perhaps Alex Ramsay paints the most concise image of Tilman by noting that he enjoys “repeated voyages in search of unclimbed peaks in the high latitudes of both hemispheres, undertaken with scratch crews in elderly wooden boats unencumbered by any of the devices we now take for granted – radios, for example.

Tilman certainly has “a foolish liking for doing things the hard way” which is why he and his crews “got ourselves into trouble with complete success.” In our opinion, any adventure that also has a bit of the unexpected makes for an enjoyable read.

In Ice With Everything, Tilman took three voyages. He dealt with troublesome crews, language barriers, wild weather, unruly boats, fjords blocked by ice, and boats crushed between rocks and ice floes, yet he continued to go back. This is what makes Tilman one of the great explorers.

His passion for the sailing adventure and the potential to climb distant peaks drives his determination, despite the fact that he knows “in climbing mountains or sailing the seas one often has to settle for less than one hoped.” On his final of the three voyages to the northern latitudes, Tilman finally achieved his goal and managed to combine his sailing adventures with mountain climbing.

Tilman’s witty style and concise prose may take some getting used to, but once you find the groove, you’ll quickly realize that Tilman’s tales will captivate any armchair adventurer. The attention to detail and the size of the adventure is exciting. Add in a bit of culture, history, geography, humor, snippets of wise wisdom, and the potential for disaster and you have a book that’s definitely worth reading.

Tilman led the life that many people only dream of. He explored remote regions of the planet – both in the mountains and on the seas. Whether you love the mountains or you love the sea, you’ll enjoy reading any Tilman book and Ice With Everything is a good place to start. Who wouldn’t enjoy an adventure set to the “beauty of a summer’s day off the Greenland coast, seas, snow, mountains, and ice, and overhead the pale northern sky”? It sounds like a rip-roaring good time to us.

Ice With Everything by Tilman was published on 6 April 2017 by Lodestar Books and Vertebrate Publishing. Vertebrate Publishing sent Ice With Everything by Tilman to A Mountain Journey for review. If you enjoying sailing explorations, then we think you’ll enjoy this book too.

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Ice With Everything was released at the same time as Nepal Himalaya. We highly suggest starting the Tilman Collection at the beginning. The Tilman Collection features both mountain and sailing explorations in remote regions of the globe. This is travel literature at it’s finest.

The complete Tilman Collection from Vertebrate Publishing includes the following books:

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