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Do you know any interesting facts about Machapuchare? At 22,943 feet | 6993 meters, Machapuchare towers almost 6000 meters above the mountain town of Pokhara in north central Nepal. Machapuchare’s sheer vertical relief combined with its prominent double summit that resembles a fish tail make it a striking and attractive mountain.

Machapuchare, Nepal | Pixabay Image
Machapuchare, Nepal | Pixabay Image

Machapuchare is supposedly one of the homes of Lord Shiva, a prominent Hindu deity, and therefore it is permanently closed to climbing. Since Machapuchare’s summit has never officially been stood upon by a human, does this make it one of the last pristine summits on the planet? Quite possibly.

Machapuchare, Nepal | Pixabay
Machapuchare, Nepal | Pixabay

Machapuchare Quick Facts:

  • Elevation: 22943 feet | 6993 meters
  • Prominence: 4045 feet | 1233 meters
  • Isolation: 5.74 miles | 9.24 kilometers
  • Lat/Long: 28°29′42″N, 83°56′57″E
  • Range: Himalaya
  • Weather Forecast: Machapuchare
Machapuchare, Nepal | Pixabay

Let’s look at some interesting facts about Machapuchare:

  • Machapuchare is located 25 km | 16 mi north of Pokhara, Nepal.
  • The peak is located on the western end of the Annapurna Himal in the greater Himalayas range of Nepal – adjacent to the Annapurna Sanctuary.
  • Machapuchare was formed roughly 50 million years ago when the Indian tectonic plate collided with the Eurasian landmass.
  • The mountain drains into the might Ganges River and into the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.
  • The mountain sees numerous spelling variations including: Machapuchare, Machhapuchchhre or Machhapuchhre.
  • In Nepali, the mountain is called माछापुच्छ्रे, which means Fish Tail. Sometimes the mountain is even referred to as Fish Tail Mountain. This is due to the prominent double summit that resembles a fish’s tail.
  • Fun Fact: Machapuchare is mentioned in the Choose Your Own Adventure book The Abominable Snowman as one of the possible habitats of the Yeti (
Machapuchare, Nepal | Pixabay
Machapuchare, Nepal | Pixabay

Let’s look at some climbing history on Machapuchare:

  • Machapuchare is a sacred peak. Locals associate Machapuchare with the Lord Shiva, a principal deity of Hinduism. Lord Shiva is the “destroyer of evil and the transformer.” It is Shiva who “creates, protects and transforms the universe.” (
  • Due to Machapuchare’s scared status, Machapuchare is off limits to climbing. Although treks to a base camp at 3700 meters are allowed.
  • There was one official attempt to climb Machapuchare by a British Team in 1957. Climbers Wilfrid Noyce and A. D. M. Cox climbed to within 150 meters | 492 feet of the summit via the north ridge. They opted not to summit as they promised the King of Nepal that they would not do so.
  • Wilfred Noyce wrote the book titled Climbing the Fish’s Tail documenting their 1957 climb of Machapuchre.
  • According to numerous sources, New Zealand climber Bill Denz made an illegal solo climb of Machapuchare in the early 1980’s. He was killed in an avalanche while attempting to climb the West Buttress on Makalu in 1983 or 1984, so no one will ever know the truth.

Machapuchare, Nepal | Pixabay

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Pokhara, Nepal | Pixabay Image
Pokhara, Nepal | Pixabay Image

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