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Do you know any interesting facts about Mount Fuji? At 3,776.24 meters / 12,389 feet, Mount Fuji, or Fuji-san, is the highest point in Japan. Mount Fuji’s snowcapped summit is a symbolic and iconic part of Japanese culture. This beautiful mountain dominates the skyline and attracts people from near and far – for good reason!

Mount Fuji, Japan | Pixabay Image
Mount Fuji, Japan | Pixabay Image

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Mount Fuji:

  • Mount Fuji sits on Honshu island in the Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu Nationwide Park – about 100 km west of Tokyo.
  • Mount Fuji measures 3,776.24 meters or 12,389 ft. It is the tallest volcano and tallest summit in Japan. Only 21 peaks in Japan rise over 3000 meters.
  • As the 35th most prominent peak in the world, Mount Fuji has 3776 meters or 12389′ of prominence – making it an ultra prominent peak.
  • Mount Fuji is the 28th most isolated peak in the world. Its isolation is 2077 km or 1291 miles.
  • The mountain is an active stratovolcano that last erupted in 1707-1708. That eruption was likely triggered by an earthquake.
  • Mount Fuji’s crater spans 500 meters and drops 250 meters.
  • Eight peaks ring the crater at the summit. They are: Oshaidake, Izudake, Jojudake, Komagatake, Mushimatake, Kengamme, Hukusandake, and Kukushidake. To hike the entire crater ring is called ohachi-meguri.
  • Mount Fuji is 40-50 km in diameter and has a circumference of 125 km.

    Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image
    Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image
  • Around Mount Fuji there are five major lakes: Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Sai, Lake Motosu and Lake Shoji.
  • The peak is located near the junction of the American Plate, the Okhotsk Plate, and the Philippine Sea Plate.
  • Mount Fuji’s lava acts as a natural filter for the snow and rain that hits the peak. This helps to produce Fuji mineral water.
  • Mount Fuji formed after a series of eruptions. It is actually 3 separate volcanoes: Komitake at the bottom, Kofuji in the middle , Fuji at the top.
  • Mount Fuji is one of 3 Holy Mountains in Japan. The other two are Mount Tate and Mount Haku.

    Pagoda In Front Of Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image
    Pagoda In Front Of Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image
  • No one knows the origin of the name of Mount Fuji.
  • An unknown monk made the first recorded ascent in 663.
  • In September 1868, Sir Rutherford Alcock became the 1st foreigner to summit the mountain. It took him 8 hours up and 3 hours down.
  • In 1869, Lady Fanny Parkes became the 1st non-Japanese woman to climb Mount Fuji.
  • Women were forbidden to climb Mount Fuji until the Meiji Era in 1868.
  • Today, roughly 300,000 people climb Mount Fuji every year – making it the most climbed mountain in the world. Most climbers ascend at night to watch the sunrise.
  • There are 4 main routes to the summit. The most popular trail is the Yoshidaguchi Trail.
  • Near the summit there are vending machines.
  • The main climbing season lasts Early July to Mid September. Numerous tour companies exist to help people reach the summit.

    Satellite View Of Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image
    Satellite View Of Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image
  • The Fujisan Hongū Sengen Taisha owns the mountain. They acquired the mountain in 1609.
  • The area around Mount Fuji is home to Japanese warrior culture and was an ancient Samurai training ground.
  • Mount Fuji was part of the inspiration for the logo of car manufacturer Infiniti.
  • On June 22, 2104, Mount Fuji became an official cultural site on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • From 1830 to 1832, artist Hokusai Katsushika created world famous woodblock prints called 36 Views of Mount Fuji.
Painting Of Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image
South Wind, Clear Sky – Part of 36 Views Of Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image

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Mount Fuji is one of the most beloved mountains in the world. This iconic peak has a rich history with both cultural and religious significance. The mountain’s profile and story will appeal to every mountain enthusiast. Hopefully you get to enjoy the view of Mount Fuji someday. Or better yet, maybe you’ll get to climb to the highest point in Japan to watch the sunrise from this spectacular summit.

Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image
Mount Fuji | Pixabay Image

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