Jackson Hole Ski Atlas Book Review

Jackson Hole Ski Atlas Review
Jackson Hole Ski Atlas

Book Review: Jackson Hole Ski Atlas: A Collection Of Aerial Photographs

Website: Jackson Hole Ski Atlas
Price: $19.95
Pages: 37 Photos on 40 Pages
Photographer: Angus M. Thuermer, Jr. , with John Wright, Michelle Bevier McCormick and Linda Sternberg.
Publisher: Project X Publications
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If you’re going skiing in the Tetons, you need a copy of the Jackson Hole Ski Atlas. The book contains a fantastic collection of aerial photos of the snow covered Teton Range of Idaho and Wyoming that are not only stunning to flip through, but are an excellent resource for backcountry skiers. It’s a classic ski atlas for Teton for adventurers.

By no means is the Jackson Hole Ski Atlas a guidebook. It’s a collection of photos. There’s no route information and no statistics. It is solely a collection of aerial photos of one of the most well traveled mountain ranges for backcountry skiers.

Jackson Hole Ski Atlas Review
Jackson Hole Ski Atlas with SE Face Of Taylor Mountain On Cover

The Jackson Hole Ski Atlas has photos from Teton Pass, Snow King, JHMR, GTNP, Grand Targhee, and other popular ski mountains. Through it’s 40 pages, there are 37 photos that are meant to inspire backcountry skiers. I’ve used it to plan ski routes on Albright, Taylor Mountain, Granite Canyon, and Twenty-Five Short. It’s always a go-to resource before I head out the door into the Tetons.

I wish there were more books like this on the market. Not only do they provide an excellent source for route planning, they also put everyone on the same page. Both locals and visitors alike will know where Glory Bowl, the Do-It’s, or Buck Mountain are located. In some ways, this makes the mountains safer. Plus, skiers can extrapolate a route plan based on photographs. When combined with Google Earth, USGS Topos, trip reports, avalanche reports, and other source of information, it’s easier to plan a successful backcountry adventure.

The book covers popular ski terrain and provides names in those areas so you know what you’re skiing. You can see some sample images on the Jackson Hole Ski Atlas website. The photos in the book include:

Black Canyon Mount Elly Pass Ridge
Edelweiss Bowl Columbia Bowls East Mail Cabin
West Mail Cabin The Do-It’s Oliver Peak
Game Creek Canyon Taylor Mountain Coal Creek
Calvert’s Ridge Twin Slides Mount Glory
Ski Lake Phillips Canyon Jenson Canyon
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort – South Jackson Hole Mountain Resort – North Granite Canyon
Lower Granite Canyon Middle Granite Canyon Upper Granite Canyon
Cardiac Ridge North Shore Albright Peak
Buck Mountain Twenty-Five Short Teton Crest
North Leigh Canyon Beard Mountain Grand Targhee Resort – North
Grand Targhee Resort – South Freds Mountain Mary’s Nipple
Snow King Mountain

The Jackson Hole Ski Atlas was first printed in 1995. The third edition was printed in 2010. I imagine there are thousands of these books sitting on the book shelves of backcountry enthusiasts around the world. Even if you just ski the pass for a couple of days, this book is a must have. Supposedly, there is also a Wasatch Backcountry Ski Atlas too, but I have never laid eyes on it.

When you buy a copy of the Jackson Hole Ski Atlas, 1% goes to the Tetons. Not only are you getting valuable images, but you’re helping to a save one of the world’s most inspiring mountain ranges.

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