Jöttnar Garm Hooded Softshell Mountain Jacket Review


Gear Review: Jöttnar Garm Hooded Softshell Mountain Jacket

Website: Jöttnar
Price: 220 GBP
Weight: 712 g / 1 lb 9.1 oz (Size Large)
Summary: The Jöttnar Garm Hooded Softshell Mountain Jacket is a well designed, detail oriented technical softshell that is ready for anything the mountains can throw at you. The Garm will easily be your go-to softshell layer for athletic endeavors in big mountains. Get ready to wear this jacket a lot.


When it comes to high end mountaineering apparel, what brand names come to mind? Arcteryx? Patagonia? Mammut? Well it’s time to welcome a new brand to the scene – Jöttnar.

Jottnar Garm
Jottnar Garm Image From Jottnar.com

Jöttnar is a technical outdoor clothing company based in the UK. This high end outerwear brand was designed by two former Royal Marine commandos and experienced mountaineers. Their new website just launched and it’s going to be exciting to see Jöttnar make a major impact on the backcountry skiing, alpine mountaineering, ice climbing, and big mountain scene. It’s nice to see a fresh and innovative new face in the world of outdoor gear.

Jottnar Garm Softshell Jacket

Jöttnar apparel is designed for when the mountains demand your attention.  “Conquering Giants” is the company’s slogan. I was lucky enough to have Jöttnar send me the Garm Hooded Softshell to review on A Mountain Journey. And to be totally honest, this is the most excited I’ve been for a new jacket to arrive that I can remember.

The first thing that struck me as impressive about the Garm Hooded Softshell is the attention to detail. It certainly seems like nothing was overlooked in the design or the craftsmanship. This is easily one of the nicest jackets that I’ve laid my hands on, so let’s take a closer look.

Jottnar Garm Softshell Jacket
The Garm

Fit: The fit of a jacket is often the most important part and the Jöttnar Garm does not disappoint. A soft fleecy interior feels warm against the skin, while the stretchy material allows for flawless and precise movements for any activity. The jacket seems to move with you and doesn’t limit your mountain movements at all.

Typically I wear an XL in Patagonia, an XL in Mammut, an XL in Arcteryx. I’m not a big guy, but I always have to accommodate my ape index (long arms). In the Jöttnar Garm I am a Large. On the website, the Garm claims to have an athletic performance oriented cut. It’s recommended that you size down on this jacket. It’s generously sized compared to other jackets in the Jöttnar lineup. The Large fits me perfectly – definitely no cold wrists with this jacket.

The Garm features an easy pull drawstring on both sides of the jacket to adjust the tightness around the waist. The Garm is the type of jacket that I plan to put on at the car and not take it off all day. There is room to layer a thin fleece like a Patagonia R1 underneath, but not much else – which is perfect for my backcountry layering system.

Pockets: The Jöttnar Garm features abundant storage capacity. It has six pockets – two chest pockets, two hand pockets, and two forearm pockets. The chest pockets are generously sized and are easily accessible while wearing a pack. They are perfect for maps, GPS, sunblock, snacks, camera, or anything else.

Jottnar Garm Softshell Jacket
Chest Pockets

The hand pockets are massive. They essentially stretch the entire front of the jacket. You could easily shove an extra layer in there if need be, but I’ll probably reserve it for my hat, gloves, and other odds and ends.

Jottnar Garm jacket

The forearm pockets are located near the wrist and are not huge pockets. I’m not sure what I’ll store here – maybe a watch, a voile strap, or lip balm. They would be perfect for a ski pass if I go resort skiing.

Jottnar Garm Softshell Jacket
Forearm Pocket

Fabric: Jöttnar uses a fabric called Fusion-Pro on the Garm. It’s soft, silent, swift, and stretchy. This means that it moves with you and doesn’t make that annoying swish that some jackets do. It’s designed to be abrasion resistant, lightweight, water resistant, wind resistant, and breathable. I haven’t had a chance to test it out in all elements, but I’m impressed so far. Fusion-Pro has lived up to its description in my limited testing.

Cuffs: When I’m out in the mountains, I use a thin liner glove or a waterproofed Kinco glove most of the time. Both of these gloves fit underneath the cuff of the Garm, but some gloves might not. The cuff can cinch shut with a velcro-like closure that seems to work well so far.

Jottnar Garm
Garm Cuff

Zips: The zips are all easy access and appear to be designed to shut out the elements. There are convenient pulls for one handed glove access on all zippers. All zips are YKK.

Hood: The hood is designed to cinch down and accommodate any head size or helmet. I tested it out with my Smith Vantage Ski Helmet and it easily fits over it. It will work even better with any climbing helmet. I also tested the hood without a helmet and it doesn’t seem over sized. At no point (with or without a helmet), does the hood restrict your vision. This is a must in the mountains. There are three drawstrings – two on the sides by the cheeks/chin and one on the back to adjust the helmet to the dimensions of your dome.

The hood also features a nice brim that should keep the snow out of the face and help the hood keep its shape.

Jottnar Garm Softshell Jacket
Hood Adjustments and Brim
Jottnar Garm Softshell Jacket
Helmet Compatible

Weight: According to the Jöttnar website, a medium jacket weighs 675 g / 1 lb 7.6 oz. My large Garm weighs 712 g / 1 lb 9.1 oz. That’s just slightly more than the Patagonia Simple Guide Hoody (549 grams / 19.4 oz) – the jacket the Garm will be replacing. The Jottnar Garm also packs down to barely anything – making it easy to stuff in a backpack.

Jottnar Garm Softshell Jacket
Size comparison

Price: The Jöttnar Garm costs 220 GBP, which calculates roughly to $350 USD. Expensive, but from what I can tell it’s totally worth the price. Whenever you’re life depends on your layers, it’s worth the cost. You get what you pay for.

Color: The Garm comes in two colors Black and Digital Blue. The colors are simple, universal, and timeless. They aren’t too flashy, which I appreciate.

Jottnar Garm Hooded SoftshellEvery time I go outside, the Garm is going with me. It’s the perfect jacket for any athletic outdoor activity. Add a warm layer and a waterproof layer to the system and you’ll practically be unstoppable. The Jöttnar Garm kicks ass and I look forward to conquering giants in this jacket year round. Follow my trip reports to see how I use and abuse the Garm in the mountain arena in the future.

At this point in time, it’s practically impossible to find any Jöttnar technical clothing in the United States. Time will change that, but until then order online at Jottnar.com.

I’m excited to get my hands on other Jöttnar apparel in the future. You should be too.


Official Details About The Jöttnar Garm Hooded Softshell Mountain Jacket From Jottnar.com

  • Design & Construction
    • Stretch, breathable, wind resistant non-membrane men’s softshell jacket in FUSION-PRO™ fabric
    • Lightweight soft fleece backing
    • Generous cut for easy layering
    • Adjustable, helmet compatible hood
    • Scooped drop back hem
    • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish for water resistance
    • Colours: Black/Charcoal and Digital Blue/Charcoal
    • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Features & Components
    • Harness compatible, storm baffled chest pockets with YKK® zips
    • Two hand warmer pockets with YKK® zips
    • Forearm sleeve pockets with YKK® zips
    • OS map compatible chest pockets
    • Corded, glove compatible zip pulls throughout
    • Zip garages throughout
    • Wire stiffened hood brim with moldable peak
    • Mesh pocket bags for breathability
    • YKK® Aquaguard® water repellent front zip with beard guard
    • Full length internal storm baffle on front zip
    • One-handed, elastic hem draw cord operation
    • Internally protected hood pull cords
    • VELCRO® adjustable cuffs
    • Embroidered chest logo
  • Technical Data
    • Weight: 675g / 1lb 7.6oz (men’s medium)
    • Softshell Fabric weight: 140g/m²
    • Air permeability: 40 ft²/min/ft²
    • DWR: ISO 4920-2012, ISO 6330 wash cycles, Rating: 5