8 Missing After Massive Landslide Strikes Piz Cengalo In Switzerland (UPDATED)


Val Bondasco, Switzerland – At approximately 9:30 am on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 a landslide consisting of 4 million cubic meters of rock and mud fell off of the northeast side of Piz Cengalo (3396 m) in the Bregaglia range of the Swiss Alps in Val Bondasca in the Graubunden region of southeastern Switzerland.

Switzerland | Pixabay Image
Switzerland | Pixabay Image

The landslide ran over 5 kilometers and measured up to 500 meters across. It left debris in spots that measured tens of meters high. According to TheLocal.ch, the landslide was large enough to measure “the equivalent of a 3.0-magnitude earthquake.

It narrowly missed the village of Bondo near the Swiss/Italian border. Villagers were evacuated and hikers were airlifted out of mountain huts. Eight hikers were reportedly missing after the landslide occurred.

Among those missing include 4 Germans, 2 Austrians, and 2 Swiss citizens. Approximately 120 rescuers with dogs searched for the survivors. On Saturday, August 26 rescuers called off the search.

This following videos of the landslide in Switzerland were posted on YouTube:

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