The Loners Presents Northeast Appeal


When The Loners crew heads to the Chic-Chocs, they find some amazing snow waiting for them. Looks pretty epic for the northeast.

Watch Northeast Appeal from The Loners

THE LONERS – Northeast Appeal from The Loners on Vimeo.

Official Description From Vimeo:

Every year, the search for snow seems to lead the troops to Gaspé territory. This year, the arrival of a mighty Nor’easter was nothing but another excuse to slip away to the beautiful Chic-Chocs.

For a complete article about the journey:


A film by Émile Dontigny

Filmed by Émile Dontigny & Olivier Boilard
Featuring: Sasha-Xavier Frigon, Mathieu Perrino, Charles Bernier, Olivier Boilard, Étienne Larochelle, Annah-Ève Frigon, Philippe Migneault & Émile Dontigny


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